Our power plants

VERBUND's power plant fleet consists mostly of run-of-river and storage power plants, supplemented by wind and thermal power.

Our hydropower plants are highly efficient (pumped) storage power plants in the Austrian Alps and run-of-river power plants on all of Austria's major rivers. Starting in 2009, VERBUND is also at home in Bavaria, where by now we operate 21 power plants on the Inn and the Danube.

The total output of all our hydropower plants is about 8.400 MW.

VERBUND is focusing on wind power as the main supplement to water power. We are currently operating six wind farms with a total output of 106 MW in the Lower Austrian districts of Bruck an der Leitha, Göttlesbrunn, Hollern and Petronell-Carnuntum.

In addition, we operate a 226 MW wind farm on the Romanian Black Sea Coast. In 2012 we acquired five wind farms in Germany with an output of 86 MW.


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