Teufelsbruck Run-of-River Power Plant

Right where the Inn River forms a tight loop is where the Teufelsbruck power plant is located, in the northeastern part of Upper Bavaria near Schambacher Höhe.

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32,792 households

supplies the Teufelsbruck power plant

Environmentally friendly

109,538 avoided
tonnes of CO2*

The Teufelsbruck power plant is located in the north-east of Upper Bavaria, at the Schambacher Höhe, just where the Inn makes a tight loop. 
When the power plant was built 80 years ago, the idea of building a fish bypass was already being considered. Today a must for the continuity of waters, at that time a sign for very progressive, ecological thinking. At the end of 2014, this fish bypass was brought up to date and now also attracts larger fish species such as Danube salmon, grayling, barbel and common nase.
The Teufelsbruck power plant built in the same year as the Wasserburg power plant and the Gars power plant, and the construction and technology are the same. With an output of 25 MW, the power plant is capable of supplying around 33,000 households with electricity generated entirely from hydropower. 
* Source: ENTSO-E Production 2017


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Owner VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH
Operator VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH
Commissioning 1938
Type Run-of-river power plant
Country Germany
Region Bavaria
Waters Inn
Output 25 MW
Annual output 150,487 MWh
Turbine Kaplan
Connectivity Fish bypass
Fish bypass

Technical description

The Teufelsbruck power plant built between 1935 and 1938, together with the Wasserburg and Gars stages built at the same time, represents the first use of the “bayside power plant” type on the Inn river. 
Five sets of machinery, each consisting of a vertical Kaplan turbine and a three-phase generator, are installed in the powerhouse located on the left bank of the river on the inside of the river loop. The Teufelsbruck power plant generates around 150 GWh of electricity per year.
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