VERBUND sees its efforts on behalf of contemporary art as part of its corporate culture. The objective of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna is to discover individual artistic positions that have been hidden until now and make them visible, thereby leaving a trace in our cultural memory.

Current exhibition

curated by Gabriele Schor 

Due to the lockdown imposed by the federal government, all guided tours through the Vertical Gallery are cancelled until further notice. The exhibition can currently be visited online. New videos are constantly being added on Facebook (German only) and Instagram (German only). Stay safe!

For the first time, the VERBUND COLLECTION presents exclusively Austrian female pioneers of the 1970s in the exhibition FEMINIST AVANT-GARDE – MADE IN AUSTRIA. Starting on 19 February 2020, around 80 works by a total of 16 female artists can be seen in the Vertical Gallery at the VERBUND headquarters. It has been possible to see numerous new acquisitions since the highly acclaimed exhibition of the VERBUND COLLECTION at the mumok in 2017.

Against the background of the 1968 student movement, the efforts to overturn the traditional values of the war generation, as well as the ‘sexual revolution’, a second wave of the women’s movement arose in western countries. The demand to discuss so-called “private” affairs in public – such as family law, marriage, unpaid procreation work, pregnancy, abortion, divorce, violence against women – culminated in the cry: “The personal is political”. Women realised that they would achieve more by working together and began to organise themselves. Female artists founded groups, curated exhibitions with the works of female artists, wrote manifestos and pamphlets. Curator Gabriele Schor summarises: “The exhibition highlights how the Austrian female artists covered a bandwidth from actionist-provocative to poetic-performative. The latter was apparently too ‘quiet’ at the time to be perceived. Today, we can appreciate the quality of poetic-performative feminism.”

Renate Bertlmann (*1943, Vienna), Linda Christanell (*1939, Vienna), Veronika Dreier (*1954, Voitsberg/ Styria), VALIE EXPORT (*1940, Linz), Gerda Fassel (*1941, Vienna), Birgit Jürgenssen (1949–2003, Vienna), Auguste Kronheim (*1937, Amsterdam) , Brigitte Lang (*1953, Feldbach/Styria), Karin Mack (*1940, Vienna), Florentina Pakosta (*1933, Vienna), Anita Münz (*1957, Basel), Friederike Pezold (*1945, Vienna), Margot Pilz (*1936, Haarlem/Netherlands), Ingeborg G. Pluhar (*1944, Vienna), Lotte Profohs (1934–2012, Vienna), Brigitte Roth (1951–2018, Vienna) 

Exhibition venue: 
Vertical Gallery of the VERBUND COLLECTION
Am Hof 6a
1010 Vienna

Duration of the exhibition: 
19 February – March 2020

Closed until further notice.
Planned reopening: September 2020

Gabriele Schor

Founding director

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Theresa Dann

Curatorial assistant

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Am Hof 6a
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Current publication by the VERBUND COLLECTION

Louise Lawler's exhibition catalogue


Works by Louise Lawler acquired by the SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection, Vienna & Others
Gabriele Schor, Ed.

Published by the Walther König Bookshop

A glimpse of the exhibition Feminist Avant-Garde. Made in Austria at the Vertical Gallery © Sandro Zanzinger