As a trainee at VERBUND

The best foundation for a successful start to your professional future: superbly organised on-the-job training, accompanied by customised further training and supported by experienced mentors.

The trainee programme is directed toward recent graduates of technical and business degree programmes, with at least a Bachelor's degree and enthusiasm for clean energy and future-oriented technologies.

During the three-stage trainee programme we offer comprehensive energy-economical training in addition to an individual development plan, plus collaboration with our top experts at several stations in our company.

For business administrators the trainee programme lasts 18 months; for technicians 24 months.

Unsolicited applications for the trainee programme are possible. However, currently all the available positions are filled.

VERBUND employees tell about their VERBUND trainee programme

from left to right: VERBUND employees David Giefing, Thomas Kropf and Martin Fink  

Successful career start

"Since I wanted to start a career in the energy sector after attaining my degree, I applied for the trainee programme at VERBUND. We were offered various courses, a personal development programme and power plant tours. That was really great. And I profited tremendously from the tasks in the three different trainee stations. In this way I was able to get to know several departments and companies within a short time and establish both professional and personal contacts. I warmly recommend the programme as a career start for any energy fan."

Thomas Kropf, Energy, Traffic and Environmental Management graduate and VERBUND employee

Stimulating and demanding approach

"From the very beginning as a trainee, I was intensely involved as a team member. In my three stations I very quickly had the opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into practice and to garner further experience. I also continue to learn from my colleagues, who are all top experts in their areas. This – and the continually new tasks – repeatedly made the trainee programme exciting for me. Of course it's also very important to be proactive about the choice of each station. This stimulating and demanding approach pervades the whole programme. It was really good for me, because to a large extent I was able to design the programme the way I wanted it."

Martin Fink, Mechanical Engineering graduate and VERBUND employee

Perfect opportunity to explore individual interests

"After attaining my degree as an industrial engineer, I didn't really know which area I wanted to work in. The VERBUND trainee programme looked to me like a good opportunity to sound out my true interests and to get to know a large company with its various fields. Right at the start, managers were assigned as my mentors, and I was able to profit from the experiences of my colleagues in the individual departments as well. In this way I was quickly able to get my bearings in the company. A big plus of the programme is the many interesting training courses. Here you have the opportunity to get to know colleagues from all parts of the corporation, and above all also the other trainees. As a consequence, I formed acquaintances and friendships which support me not only in professional but also in private interests."

David Giefing, Industrial Engineering/Mechanical Engineering graduate and VERBUND employee