Global Energy Challenge - Time to Act


From 16 to 18 September 2009, Verbund is inviting to a three-day energy conference, "energy2020". The subject of this year's conference is the tension field between climate protection and economic development.

The end of 2009 will see the world eagerly awaiting the United Nation’s new global climate protection agreement, which is to be signed by the industrialized countries, together with the emerging nations and the developing countries. Uniting climate protection and economic development is the greatest challenge being faced by this agreement. Energy2020 wants to highlight this area of conflict and outline approaches for overcoming the most diverse of obstacles.

As was already the case in past years, it has been possible to obtain high-ranking experts from the fields of industry, administration, research and politics for the conference.

Detailed information on the event can now be found the website of energy2020. There, you can also register directly online.