Gössendorf Run-of-River Power Plant

The joint venture power plant Gössendorf is on the Mur River, south of the city limit of Graz, in the municipality of Gössendorf.

Technical Description 

The Gössendorf power plant went into operation in 2012. The power plant forms an 11.2m high dam on the river Mur and has a maximum rate of flow of 200m³/s. Two Kaplan bulb turbines generate 89 GWh of electricity per year. Gössendorf power plant is also equipped with a fish ladder.

Main Focus: Ecology 

The main ecological challenge when building the power plant was the maintenance and restoration of the natural space around the river Mur. The Mur, located south of Graz, was already massively regulated towards the end of the 19th century. With the restoration of the oxbow lake, which had been lost back then, a local recreational area also came about and offered a variety of leisure time facilities. Additionally, the flood protection for the local municipalities was significantly improved. Around 15 million euros were invested in a total of 100 ecological measures.