Häusling Pumped Storage Power Plant

VERBUND’s Häusling power plant is a pumped storage power plant and is situated in the locality of Brandberg in the municipality of Mayrhofen in Tyrol. It was constructed from 1974 until 1987.

Technical Description 

The Häusling powerhouse was built into the steeply dropping cliff side with its longer side. The greatest height of the powerhouse is almost 64 m. The roughly 40m deep shaft construction is made up of a free-standing reinforced concrete cylinder with an outer diameter of 32.8 m. In the powerhouse there are two machine units with vertical shafts (total height is around 40m) and an installed capacity of 360,000 kW altogether and are each comprised of an engine generator, a Francis turbine as well as a two tier, one chamber pump and a hydraulic converter. The generated electricity will be transferred via an SF6 gas insulated 220 kV indoor switching station and the 220 kV overhead line for the Mayrhofen outdoor substation. 

Zillergründl Reservoir

The top water level of the Zillergründl reservoir has a useful capacity of 86.7 million m3 at a sea level of 1,850 m. The dam makes up a double curvature arch dam.