Wind Farms in Rheinland-Palatinate

The VERBUND wind farms Ellern, Dörrebach, Hochsteinchen, Dichtelbach and Stetten were established in 2012/2013 in Rheinland-Palatinate.

The portfolio consists of 21 wind turbines. This includes five ENERCON E-126 turbines. This is the largest on-shore turbine in the world that is currently available on the international wind energy market. With an output of 7.5 MW, a turbine of the E-126 type generates the annual electricity usage of 5,000 households.

Technical data:

Operating company:  VERBUND Wind Power Deutschland GmbH
Beginning of operation:  2013
Type: Wind power
Country, State: Germany, Rheinland-Palatinate
Capacity: 86,1 MW 
Annual production:  -