Rosenau Run-of-River Power Plant

VERBUND's Rosenau power plant is a run-of-river plant on the Enns River in the municipality of Garsten in Upper Austria.

The Rosenau run-of-river power plant was built between 1950 and 1953. The two main turbines and generators were replaced between 1993 and 1997. Two vertically installed Kaplan turbines generate around 146 GWh of electricity per year.
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Owner Ennskraftwerke AG
Operator Ennskraftwerke AG
Commissioning 1953
Type Run-of-river power plant
Country Austria
Region Upper Austria
Waters Enns
Output 34 MW
Annual output 145,500 MWh
Turbine Kaplan
Connectivity Fish bypass is in the planning process
Environmental protection at VERBUND

Ecology & environmental protection

In 2015, the Enns power plant was made passable by means of a fish bypass. The plant is designed as a fishway with a modular construction and consists of:
•a berm-like tailwater ramp 
•a tailwater entrance parallel to the turbine stream
•a technical vertical slot pass
•a natural pass
•an upstream feed structure 

The fish bypass with the technical section and the natural pass is about 250 metres long. The maximum height difference to be overcome is 5.2 metres.

In addition to providing continuity, this type of construction also creates important habitat elements for river systems such as spawning grounds, juvenile fish habitats and valuable habitats for microorganisms.
Responsible treatment of the environment
Turbines and generators: Two vertically mounted Kaplan turbines achieve a maximum output of 17,000 kW at a flow rate of 160 m³/sec. and a head of 12.20 metres. The two directly coupled 18,000 kVA three-phase synchronous generators supply a nominal voltage of 6.3 kV. The power plant’s own requirements are met by a 353 kW Francis turbine coupled with a 500 kVA three-phase generator.

Transformers: To raise the generated energy from 6.3 kV to 110 kV, the power plant has a 20,000 kVA machine transformer and a 24,000 kVA transformer. The electricity is conducted via two 110 kV lines each to Steyr and Großraming. The upstream power plants at Losenstein and Ternberg feed into the open-air switchgear at Rosenau. Three transformers are available to supply the power plant’s own requirements.

Weir system: All four weir fields are equipped with double hook gates with a closing height of 13.7 metres each. They can be controlled by two chain winches with mechanical shaft.