Rosshag Pumped Storage Power Plant

Tyrol's second-largest pumped storage power plant, Rosshag, is in the municipality of Ginzling in the Zillertal Valley.

Technical Description 

Four machine units with vertical shafts and an installed capacity of altogether 231,000 kW (including units for personal use) are installed in the Rosshag powerhouse. A machine unit with a total height of around 25m is comprised of a motor generator, a Francis turbine, a 2 level-1 chamber pump and a hydraulic converter. The energy is transported via a 220 kV overhead line for the outdoor substation in Mayrhofen.

Schlegeis Reservoir

The maximum water level of the Schlegeis reservoir has a net capacity of 126.5 million m3 and lies at a height of 1,782 m above sea level. The geologically favourable conditions made it possible to erect a 131 m high sealing construction for the reservoir with a double-arched gravity dam with the unusual crown length of 725 m, which made it necessary to have a concrete volume of just under 1 million m3