Wind park Petronell-Carnuntum II

The VERBUND wind park Petronell-Carnuntum II in the Lower Austrian municipality of Petronell-Carnuntum has been in operation since 2014 and comprises a total of seven wind turbines with a total power output of 21 MW.

VERBUND invested intensively in the expansion of wind power in Bruck an der Leitha. In addition to the Petronell-Carnuntum II wind park, the Bruck-Göttlesbrunn and Hollern II wind parks were completed in 2015 and 2014 respectively. Today, the wind parks are showcases for regional, climate-friendly electricity generation. During the construction and financing of the wind turbines, the local population was also able to participate directly in the implementation of the wind park via an investment product. 

The construction phase of the Petronell-Carnuntum II wind park was accompanied by archaeologists due to its proximity to the ancient Roman town of Carnuntum. One of the few graves that had not been plundered was excavated in the process.
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Excursion destination wind turbine

Visit the show wind turbine at Bruck an der Leitha!

Bruck excursion wind turbine
Owner VERBUND Wind Power Austria GmbH
Operator VERBUND Wind Power Austria GmbH
Type Wind turbine
Country Austria
Region Lower Austria
Output 21 MW
Annual output 56,000 MWh

Ecology & environmental protection

Environmental impact assessments were carried out for the construction of the Petronell-Carnuntum ll wind park – as for all other VERBUND wind power projects in Austria. A large number of environmental measures were already implemented or put into operation during the construction phase. At the Hollern II, Petronell-Carnuntum II and Bruck-Göttlesbrunn wind parks, the requirements regarding the number and time windows of the transport journeys during the construction phase as well as the use of low-emission trucks and low-noise site power generators were met in full. The dismantling of storage and parking areas was also carried out in accordance with the requirements. 
Since the Hollern II and Bruck-Göttlesbrunn wind farms were commissioned, annual and biennial ornithological monitoring has been carried out by an expert to investigate the effects on the habitat and the breeding behaviour of various species of bird. Acoustic emission and immission measurements of the wind turbines are taken after commissioning to check that there is no increased burden on the environment. 
The introduction of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and environmental certification for the operation of Austrian wind parks ensures that the highest environmental standards are maintained throughout the entire life cycle of the wind turbines.
Responsible treatment of the environment
Fish bypass

Seven wind turbines of type ENERCON E-101 with a hub height of 135 metres, a rotor diameter of 101 metres and an output of 3 MW each generate electricity for the annual requirements of around 13,000 households.

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