Surge warning

Dangers due to sudden rises of the water level!

The operation of hydroelectric power plants, heavy rainfall or other weather-related events (e.g. melting snow), can lead to a sudden change in the water level. Staying in streams and rivers can therefore be life-threatening! Therefore, please observe the warning notices and make other people aware of the warning signs. Children in particular should not be left unsupervised in areas marked with warning signs and should never play in the riverbed!

Behavior in an emergency

Emergency call 112 - tell the emergency services the following:

  • Where has something happened?
  • What has happened?
  • How many people are affected?
  • Who is calling?
  • Wait for further questions!

Water holds a special fascination. This is why streams and rivers often become playgrounds. However, the dangers of watercourses are often underestimated.

In the areas marked with yellow surge warning signs, be aware of danger posed by power plant operation: during regular operation, sudden, rapid changes in the water level can occur at any time in connection with power plant operation. Especially when the water level rises suddenly, areas that were just inviting to play are flooded. Strong currents can make it difficult or even impossible to reach the shore. Therefore, please avoid staying in the stream or river!

Behavior in an emergency

In an emergency, please call 112 and give your exact location. If you want to help people in distress, please always think of your own safety first and do not put yourself in danger!