Feminist Avant–Garde of the 1970s. Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna

The VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna, was hosted in The Photographers’ Gallery, London, from 7 October 2016 to 15 January 2017.

The exhibition of the VERBUND COLLECTION in The Photographers' Gallery in London combines works from the 1970s of 42 female artists and gives an overview of the beginnings of the international feminist art movement. 

The Photographers‘ Gallery
16-18 Ramillies St, Soho
London W1F 7LW,

Duration of the exhibition:
07 October 2016 - 15 January 2017


Curated by Gabriele Schor, founding director of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna 
and Anna Dannemann, curator of The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Exhibition team
Theresa Dann, curatorial assistant of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna
Clare Grafik, exhibition manager of The Photographers’ Gallery, London
Daniela Hahn, curatorial assistant of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna



Vertical Gallery Vienna 
Am Hof 6a
1010 Vienna
+43 (0)50 313-500 44


Female artists

Helena Almeida | Eleanor Antin | Anneke Barger | Lynda Benglis | Judith Bernstein | Renate Bertlmann | Teresa Burga | Marcella Campagnano | Judy Chicago | Linda Christanell | Lili Dujourie | Mary Beth Edelson | Renate Eisenegger | VALIE EXPORT | Esther Ferrer | Lynn Hershman Leeson | Alexis Hunter | Sanja Iveković | Birgit Jürgenssen | Kirsten Justesen |  Ketty La Rocca | Leslie Labowitz | Katalin Ladik | Brigitte Lang | Suzanne Lacy | Suzy Lake | Karin Mack | Ana Mendieta | Rita Myers | Lorraine O'Grady | ORLAN | Gina Pane | Letítia Parente |  Ewa Partum |  Friederike Pezold |  Margot Pilz |  Ulrike Rosenbach | Martha Rosler | Suzanne Santoro | Carolee Schneemann | Lydia Schouten | Cindy Sherman | Penny Slinger | Annegret Soltau | Hannah Wilke | Martha Wilson | Francesca Woodman | Nil Yalter

Current exhibition

Information on current and future exhibitions of the VERBUND COLLECTION.

Current exhibition

Insights into the exhibition Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s. Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION

Catalogue cover of "Feminist Avant-Garde", VERBUND COLLECTION Vienna

Publication: FEMINIST AVANT-GARDE. Art of the 1970s.

published by Gabriele Schor
Hardcover: 559 pages
Publisher: Prestel Verlag
Edition: 2016
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3791356275
ISBN-13: 978-3791356273


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