SHE’S HERE. Louise Lawler. Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna

From 15 November 2018 to 22 May 2019, the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna, presented a solo exhibition of the American artist Louise Lawler in the Vertical Gallery.

Since it was founded in 2004, the VERBUND COLLECTION has regularly acquired works by Louise Lawler, of which it now owns twenty-seven. In the eight-storey Vertical Gallery, these works are juxtaposed with so-called traced wall works consisting of self-adhesive black and white films. Their size is adapted by the artist to the respective spatial situation and to the wall on which they will be later be placed. Traced wall works are graphic realisations of previous photographs, which focus on the lines and to that extent appear as a simplification of the original subject.

Vertical Gallery of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna
Am Hof 6a
1010 Vienna
+43 (0)50 313-500 44

Duration of the exhibition:
15 November 2018 - 22 May 2019 

Curated by Gabriele Schor, founding director of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna,

Exhibition team
Theresa Dann – curatorial assistant VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna
Julia Hürner – curatorial assistant of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna
Kenneth Pietrobono, assistant to Louise Lawler, New York

Vertical Gallery Vienna 
Am Hof 6a
1010 Vienna
+43 (0)50 313-500 44


Female artist

Louise Lawler

Current exhibition

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Current exhibition

Insights into the exhibition SHE’S HERE. Louise Lawler. Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna

Publication: SELECTED AND RELATED. Works by Louise Lawler acquired by the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna & others

published by Gabriele Schor
Softcover: 136 pages
Publisher: Buchhandlung Walther König
Edition: 2018
Languages: German and English
ISBN: 978-3-96098-425-2

Available at: Buchhandlung Walter König


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