Supporting highly qualified women: with a financial energy boost

VERBUND specifically supports highly qualified women in cooperation with the TU Vienna. With the VERBUND Women's Stipend three outstanding female students at the TU Vienna will be supported for one year.

The three stipends are addressed to the following target groups:

Stipend 1: PhD candidate

Stipend 2: Master's candidate

Stipend 3: Bachelor's candidate (up to the 4th semester)

Dedicated students from technical fields of study may apply: information technology, industrial engineering, technical mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or civil engineering.

It is important that the applicants have already garnered professional experience in the form of study-related internships. Excellent English skills are a must, and other foreign language skills and time abroad would be an advantage.

Get your own impression of the VERBUND Women's Stipend:

This video is only available in German language. 

40 highly-qualified TU students applied for the VERBUND Women's Stipend. The applicants first completed a telephone interview. The best qualified participants were invited to a hearing.  In the course of the selection process, the three winners had to convince a prestigious jury composed of HR experts and top managers from VERBUND as well as experts from the TU Career Centre through giving presentations and taking part in team exercises, among other things.

HR experts from VERBUND and the TU Career Centre will develop a suitable support package in cooperation with the three stipend recipients. It will contain selected specialist conferences and seminars for personal development.

The stipend recipients will be supported over the course of one year.

All applications were processed through the TU Career Center.
In 2019 you will have the next opportunity to apply for the unique VERBUND Women's Stipend.

The VERBUND-Women's Stipend 2018 has been awarded!

The VERBUND-Women's Stipend was awarded to three extraordinary students from the TU Vienna.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary we have also awarded an extraordinary Stipend, targeted at students with disabilities.
The Stipends has been awarded on 25.6.2018 at the VERBUND-central Am Hof 6A by the executive board member Wolfgang Anzengruber, graduate engineer.

VERBUND Women's Stipend 2018 Awarded

Vergabe VERBUND-Stipendium
from left to right: Georg Westphal (VERBUND), Said Awad (Winner of extraordinary Stipend), Konstanze Altenburger, Simone Schuler, Anna Steiger (TU Vienna), Barbara Sarközi, Wolfgang Anzengruber (VERBUND)
10 Jahre VERBUND-Frauenstipendium

2017 VERBUND stipend recipients profiled

Bachelor stipend recipient Monika Zofal

Bachelor stipend recipient Monika Zofal from Sommerein (Lower Austria) is studying Technical Mathematics. What fascinates her about her field of study? "You learn to approach problems in a completely new way, and to put even abstract-sounding things into a structure and to solve problems that way." After completing her studies, she hopes to conduct research in the area of technology and develop something new or improve something existing.

Master stipend recipient Verena Hammerschmidt

Master stipend recipient Verena Hammerschmidt from Hard (Vorarlberg) is studying Civil Engineering. What makes the stipend special for her is that experts will assist and support her over the course of one year. "By receiving this stipend, I can develop in a direction that interests me and that has potential. VERBUND implements ideals with which I can identify, and for that reason as well, I view this cooperation as a great enrichment for me", Hammerschmidt is convinced.

PhD stipend recipient Magda Mirescu

PhD stipend recipient Magda Mirescu, originally from Bucharest, is a student of Technical Mathematics. She applied for the VERBUND Women's Stipend because it is a unique opportunity for her to attain several goals at the same time. "In the first place it is an excellent further training opportunity with which I can develop further on both a professional and a personal level. Secondly, the VERBUND Women's Stipend enjoys a certain degree of recognition, which can make it possible for me to speak to younger women and perhaps to convince them of technical studies and kindle their interest. Thirdly, it makes it possible for me to get to know the VERBUND corporation beyond my first impressions of a technophilic company that takes measures to promote women," says Mirescu.

Photo Gallery Women's Stipend Recipients

Videos of Women's Stipend Recipients - only in German language

VERBUND Women's Stipend Alumni Events

The Alumni Event was initiated the beginning of October 2013. This promotes exchanges and networking among the women. Here, the Women's Stipend recipients have the opportunity to interact with female VERBUND managers. Invitations go out to all stipend recipients who have been awarded the VERBUND Women's Stipend from 2009 onwards.

Anna Haller, Master's recipient 2009 on the Alumni Events:
"I was delighted to receive the invitation to the alumni get-together for the VERBUND Women's Stipend. That's a great opportunity for networking and an exchange of experiences. The visit to the Freudenau power plant was very interesting and it helped us get to know VERBUND better. Thank you very much for the excellent organisation!"

Clarissa Stracke, Bachelor's recipient 2011 on the Alumni Events:
Many thanks for the fascinating and enjoyable afternoon yesterday! It was a real pleasure, and fun to get to know all the others."