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Via Donaukraftwerk Jochenstein AG,VERBUND is planning to construct a subterranean pumped storage power plant in the bordering region between Bavaria and Upper Austria.

The storage plant in Riedl is a building block for a sustainable energy future and provides environmentally-friendly electricity from renewable energy sources as required. The storage plant is one of the most important infrastructure projects in Lower Bavaria and makes an essential contribution to security of supply.

A reservoir will be built between parts of Gottsdorf and Riedl; the waterway will be built completely underground and will not be visible. Two pump turbines with an output of 150 MW each will be installed as a shaft power plant on the existing power plant grounds. The intake and outtake structures of the Riedl storage plant will be constructed on the separating bank and the plant premises of the Jochenstein power plant.

The approval procedure for the Riedl Energy Storage Facility project is currently in the public participation phase.

Project film: Riedl Energy Storage Plant

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Project leader Riedl energy store

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Project leader Riedl energy store

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