Graz Run-of-River Power Plant

The new Mur power plant Graz is being built in the middle of Graz in Styria, between the districts of Graz-Liebenau and Puntigam.

The provincial capital Graz is an attractive conurbation and has seen an increasing influx of people and businesses in recent years. This growth is also increasing the demand for energy generated in an environmentally friendly way. Together with our partners, we take the strong environmental awareness of our customers seriously. The power plant will not only supply 100% hydropower for 20,000 households in Graz but will also deliver many improvements for the ecological conditions on the Mur. The population of Graz thus wins twice over.

Ninety-nine ecological measures for flora and fauna in the water and on land, for balancing areas by and in the water and for the protection of people complete the construction project. 

Images and renderings of the power plant and construction progress: Energy Styria

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Image from the Location

Run-of-river power plant Graz Puntigam, September 2018

Construction progress

Latest photos of construction progress at the Graz-Puntigam power plant can be found on the website of our project partner Energie Steiermark.

Image gallery of Energie Steiermark
Owner VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH, Energie Steiermark
Operator VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Type Run-of-river power plant
Country Austria
Region Styria
Waters Mur
Output 18 MW
Annual output 82,000 MWh
Turbine Kaplan
Connectivity Fish bypass
Environmental protection at VERBUND

Ecology & environmental protection

Ninety-nine ecological measures will actually be implemented during construction of the power plant. The topics of vegetation, compensation areas, measures in and around water bodies and terrestrial animals will be taken into account. 
Dam planting and reforestation will be carried out on the banks. Extensive meadows for butterflies and other crawling creatures are also being created. As compensatory measures, shallow water zones are being created to serve as spawning grounds and habitats for juvenile fish. Furthermore, the Olympiawiese tributary will be upgraded and integrated into the nearby Petersbach stream. Aquatic creatures will therefore have an extended, continuous water network as their habitat. 
Of course, a fish bypass is also on the agenda, designed as a slot pass with 90 ponds. The fish bypass will be adapted to the largest native fish species, the Danube salmon. 
Not only aquatic life will benefit from the ecological measures but so will land dwellers such as bats and reptiles. Trees that have to be felled and are home to bats are treated with particular care. The bats are relocated and resettled in specially installed bat boxes. Dice snakes are also getting somewhere new to live in piles of stones.
Ecological site management is in place for the official implementation of the project.
Responsible treatment of the environment
fish bypass

Technical description

The output of the Graz run-of-river power plant will be 17.7 MW and two Kaplan turbines will produce 82 GWh of green electricity per year. The expansion flow rate will be 200 m³/s and the head will be 9.65 metres.

The power plant will hold back the water of the Mur for approx. 3.8 km, i.e. up to the level of the well-known Kunsthaus in the centre of Graz. 

The power plant will be built by Energie Steiermark. VERBUND AG will be responsible for operational management.

Hydro consulting from VERBUND