Kolbnitz Drinking Water Run-of-River Power Plant

VERBUND's Kolbnitz power plant is a drinking water power plant in the area of Mühldorfer Graben and situated in the town of Kolbnitz (municipality of Reisseck).

* Source: ENTSO-E Production 2017

The Kolbnitz power plant was completed in 2005. The drinking water power plant was built in conjunction with the drinking water line that was built for the village of Kolbnitz in the municipality of Reißeck. The water is also used for energy generation and generates around 252 MWh of electricity annually.


Technical data:

Owner: VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Operating company: VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Beginning of operation: 2005
Type:  Run-of-river
Country, State: Austria, Carinthia
Waters: Mühldorfer Seebach
Capacity: 1 MW
Annual generation: 252 MWh
Turbines: Pelton
Fish bypass: no