Leoben Run-of-River Power Plant

VERBUND's power plant at Leoben is a run-of-river plant situated on the Mur River on the northern edge of the town of Leoben in Styria.

*Source: ENTSO-E Production 2017

The “Krempl power plant”, which was put into operation in 1905, was replaced by a modern, more powerful but also more environmentally friendly run-of-river power plant between 2003 and 2005. The modern power house contains two machine sets consisting of two Kaplan shaft turbines. These generate approximately 43 GWh of electricity annually.
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Owner VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Operator VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Commissioning 2005
Type Run-of-river power plant
Country Austria
Region Styria
Waters Mur
Output 10 MW
Annual output 43,058 MWh
Turbine Kaplan
Connectivity Fish bypass
Environmental protection at VERBUND

Ecology & environmental protection

During construction of the new power plant between 2003 and 2006, a large number of ecological support measures were additionally undertaken, such as a fish ladder, thousands of newly placed plants and newly created small biotopes.

Fish bypass: The bypass waterbody has a length of approx. 390 metres and overcomes the 9.5 metre difference in water level at the weir system with an average gradient of 2.4%. The monitoring carried out in the lower waters in 2006 revealed the fish species grayling, brown and rainbow trout, loach, European bullhead, European chub, common roach, common bleak and three-spined stickleback, which is why the fish ladder is considered fully functional.

Fish bypasses safeguard the variety of species
Powerhouse: The machine room contains two Kaplan pit turbines with a total output of 9.9 MW. The output of the plant replacing the Krempl plant was thus increased from 2.4 MW to 9.9 MW and the standard working capacity from 17 GWh to 43 GWh.

Weir system: The weir system consists of two segment gates with hydraulic drive.

The Leoben power plant is unmanned and is controlled from the control room in Pernegg.