District heating power plant Mellach

VERBUND's Mellach district heating power plant is located in the municipality of Mellach in Styria. It was built from 1983 to 1986 by Steirische Wasserkraft- und Elektrizitäts-AG.

The district heating plant is equipped with a 246 MW cogeneration system and supplies the city of Graz with valuable district heating.

We heat Graz – winter deployment for Mellach

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The power plant consists of the machine and boiler house, the flue gas cleaning plant, the flue gas desulphurisation plant and a plant for removing dust. The power plant is cooled using water from the river Mur.

The Mellach district heating power plant is equipped with a cogeneration system: A portion of the steam is taken from the turbine and passed to a heat exchanger, where the steam condenses and gives off its energy. This increases the total amount of energy produced from about 40% to as much as 68%. The power plant is put into operation each year from September to May and supplies up to 225 MW of electricity and 230 MW of district heating. Coal as well as natural gas are used as fuels.