Thurnsdorf Run-of-River Power Plant

The Thurnsdorf run-of-river power plant is located south of the city of Enns, along the border between Upper and Lower Austria.

Since the increase in efficiency in 2016, the hydropower plant has been able to supply green electricity to two thirds of the households in the nearby town of Enns. 
Since the modernisation, young fish have also been able to thrive again in the diverse aquatic habitats of the Enns. By implementing a fish bypass and adapting the residual water, fish and micro-organisms can swim from the lower to the upper water again and have their offspring in the newly created, high-quality gravel spawning areas and shallow water zones. 

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Owner Ennskraftwerke AG
Operator Ennskraftwerke AG
Commissioning 1965
Type Run-of-river power plant
Country Austria
Region Lower Austria
Waters Enns
Output 03 MW
Annual output 15,300 MWh
Turbine Kaplan
Connectivity Fish bypass
Environmental protection at VERBUND

Ecology & environmental protection

Fish bypass: 
The system is designed as a modular fish pass. It consists of a berm-like underwater ramp with tailwater access parallel to the turbine current, a technical shallow passage, a natural pass and a technical vertical slot pass with feed structure on the upstream side. In addition to providing continuity, this type of construction also creates important habitat elements for river systems such as spawning grounds, juvenile fish habitats and valuable habitats for microorganisms. The total length of the fish ladder (technical sections and natural pass) is approx. 1,325 metres, the maximum difference in height to be overcome is approx. 10.5 metres.
As part of the 2016 conversion measures, the residual water volume of the diverted stretch was also increased in order to ensure year-round continuity for all aquatic organisms. 

Responsible treatment of the environment
Fish bypass

Technical description

The Thurnsdorf power plant is equipped with 2 Kaplan turbines and has an output of 2.9 MW. The expansion flow rate is 19 m³/s and the expansion head is 10.6 metres.
Hydro consulting from VERBUND