Renovation of the Töging power plant on the Inn River

VERBUND is planning to renovate the hydropower plant Töging-Jettenbach. In the future, the facility will be able to provide about 200,000 households with clean domestic electricity.

By increasing the retention water level elevation by 70 cm at the Jettenbach dam and increasing the flow rate by up to 70 m³/s, as well as installing three Kaplan turbines, a performance increase of 20 to 25 percent will be possible. This way, 120 GWh more electricity can be generated annually. The dams and dykes in the reservoir and the sealing structure in the Inn Canal are therefore being adjusted accordingly. In spring 2015, VERBUND comprehensively presented the current plans for the renovation of the existing hydropower plant Töging-Jettenbach to the local population.

The shell of the power plant

The Töging-based architects from Format Elf also presented their design for the façade, how the new power plant building will be functionally integrated into the surrounding premises and how it will complement the view of the historic powerhouse from the 1920s. The new power plant will generate more electricity without being visible, say the Format Elf architects.

Current news on the project

Summer break in August: NO consultation hours for the Töging power plant renovation project

Due to numerous inquiries we wish to announce by this means as well that there are no consultation hours for the Töging power plant during the summer months. New hours are being planned for the autumn.