Bruck/Leitha Wind Farm

The VERBUND wind farm at Bruck/Leitha is situated in the municipality of Bruck an der Leitha in Lower Austria. It was acquired in 2009 by Wind Power Austria, a wholly owned subsidiary of VERBUND Renewable Power.

Into the Future with Fresh Energy 

The wind farms Bruck an der Leitha, Hollern and Petronell-Carnuntum have been owned and operated by VERBUND since the beginning of 2009. The wind farms are located approximately 45 km from Vienna in the district Bruck an der Leitha.

That which began back in the year 2000 with the wind farm Bruck an der Leitha has now become an exemplary model for regional, climate-friendly electricity generation. In 2004, further wind farms were constructed in Hollern and Petronell-Carnuntum; as a result, today, 25 rotor blades with a total capacity of 49 MW supply approximately 29,000 households with environmentally friendly electricity.

Bruck an der Leitha Wind Farm 

The wind farm Bruck an der Leitha was erected in the year 2000. A group of committed people planned and financed this wind farm - at that time for climate protection reasons and to boost the regional value added.
A wind measurement, which was carried out over a period of two years at a height of 42 meters at the top of a high voltage pylon and revealed very good wind potential, formed the basis for this wind farm. 

The wind farm Bruck an der Leitha also offers a special feature: a turbine with a viewing platform. Visitors can climb an internal spiral staircase to a height of approximately 60 meters. After 279 steps you have reached your goal and can view the rotor blades from the fully glazed platform and see how wind energy is converted to rotational motion and ultimately generates electricity. 

Interesting and informative information on wind power is provided at Bruck an der Leitha wind farm within the framework of guided tours.

Technical data:

Owner: VERBUND Wind Power Austria GmbH
Operating company: VERBUND Wind Power Austria GmbH
Beginning of operation: 2000
Type: Wind power
Country, State: Austria, Lower Austria
Capacity: 9 MW
Annual generation: 14.546 MWh 

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