Bruck/Leitha Wind Farm

The VERBUND wind farm at Bruck/Leitha is situated in the municipality of Bruck an der Leitha in Lower Austria. It was acquired in 2009 by Wind Power Austria, a wholly owned subsidiary of VERBUND Renewable Power.

The turbines of the wind park at Bruck and der Leitha have been under the management of VERBUND since 2009. On average, the wind park has an annual capacity of 9 MW and can supply nearly 3,400 households with green electricity. A showcase for regional, climate-friendly electricity generation.

Visitors have the possibility to learn facts and interesting information about the topic of wind power on guided tours of the wind park. A special experience here is a wind turbine with viewing platform: a spiral staircase leads visitors up to a height of about 60 metres. The all-round glazed platform is reached after 279 steps, from where the rotor blades can be watched as they turn wind energy into rotary motion and finally generate electricity.

With wind power: 1st VERBUND biking tour in Bruck an der Leitha

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