Reisseck II Pumped Storage Power Plant

With the new pumped storage power plant Reisseck II, VERBUND is expanding the Carinthian power plant systems Malta and Reisseck to one of the strongest hydropower plant groups in Europe.

Project area: power plant group Malta-Reisseck

Project area for pumped storage Reisseck 2
Overview of the pumped storage network Malta-Reisseck with the project Reisseck 2
Pumped storage power plants such as Reißeck II are the ecologically and economically most sensible way of compensating for the strongly fluctuating generation of electricity from wind and solar and thus making optimum use of renewable energy. 
Reißeck II is the second-largest pumped storage power plant of the Malta/Reißeck power plant group and has an impressive output of 430 MW. 
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Image from the Location

Owner VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Operator VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Commissioning 2016
Type Pumped-storage power plant
Country Austria
Region Carinthia
Waters Drava, Grosser Mühldorfer See Lake, Kleiner Mühldorfer See Lake
Output 430 MW
Turbine Francis
Connectivity No fish bypass
Environmental protection at VERBUND

Ökologie & Umweltschutz

Numerous ecological equalisation measures were implemented in the high mountains during the construction of Reißeck 2. Some of them are listed here:
“Naturidente” greening in the high mountains 

The combination of alpine plant seeds, “geotextiles” and the careful use of available natural materials are now enabling the “healing” of landscape wounds, including in the alpine region. At the landfill site at Schoberboden, this was done with the highest quality at an extreme elevation and on a scale never seen before. The first measure, for example, involved salvaging vegetation and topsoil and taking it to the valley for temporary storage. After depositing the excavated material from the tunnel (a total of approx. 260,000 m3!), layers of soil and vegetation were taken back and placed expertly on the surface of the spoil. Slow-release fertiliser and special high-elevation seeds were placed in the gaps between the pieces of turf. Topsoil, turf, seeds and fertiliser were fixed in place with coconut matting. In addition to the germination of the seeds, the plants also spread out again from the turf, so that a completely natural plant cover is created in a few years. The design is optimised by a terrain formation adapted to nature as well as the introduction of rock fills and scrawny trees.

Marmots as ingenious master tunnellers

A family of marmots had to be rounded up and released again elsewhere. Artificial structures were created for their resettlement after the dredging work and were quickly occupied. The land restoration measures, unique to the elevation, provide important nutrition for the animals.

New themed trail

In the final months of the construction work, a three kilometre-long themed trail “Hydropower-Nature-Fishing” was constructed from Mühldorf to the western end of the Rottau equalisation reservoir. Eight information boards with high-quality photographs and supplemental explanations make reference to valuable habitats, the fishing and to clean electricity generation with domestic hydropower.
Responsible treatment of the environment
Fish bypass

Following the start of construction in the autumn of 2010, a cavern of considerable dimensions (43 metres high and 58 metres long) was hollowed out of the mountain within the space of a few months. This cavern houses two highly efficient pump turbine units with a total output of 430 MW, both for power generation in turbine operation and for pump operation. 
The total investment of around 400 million euros was borne jointly by the partners Kelag and Energie AG Oberösterreich.

Hydro consulting from VERBUND

The construction of Reisseck II - Austria’s state-of-the-art pumped storage power plant

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