Reisseck II Pumped Storage Power Plant

With the new pumped storage power plant Reisseck II, VERBUND is expanding the Carinthian power plant systems Malta and Reisseck to one of the strongest hydropower plant groups in Europe.

The construction of Reisseck II - Austria’s state-of-the-art pumped storage power plant

Pumped storage power plants such as Reißeck II are the ecologically and economically most sensible way of compensating for the strongly fluctuating generation of electricity from wind and solar and thus making optimum use of renewable energy. 
Reißeck II is the second-largest pumped storage power plant of the Malta/Reißeck power plant group and has an impressive output of 430 MW. 

Project area: power plant group Malta-Reisseck

Project area for pumped storage Reisseck 2
Overview of the pumped storage network Malta-Reisseck with the project Reisseck 2